Martes 28 de marzo | 19:00 a 22:00 hrs.

Schedule   Activity
6:30 pm Transfer to Palacio de Bellas Artes from JW Marriot Polanco
8:00 – 10:00 pm Guided Private Tour at Bellas Artes´ Temporal Show “El arte de la Revolución” LPs and GPs
10:00 pm Transfer to JW Marriot Polanco


Miércoles 29 de marzo | 9:00 a 14:00 hrs.

Schedule Activity
8:15 am Registration to LP Only Conference
8:30 am



Opening Remarks: Evolution of private equity in the region

-What are PE funds in LATAM offering to LPs?
-Why are PEs in LATAM different and how should they be analyzed?
-What do LPs need from PE funds to be able to invest in them? Felipe Vilá, CEO, Fondo de Fondos

Overview of participating LATAM countries
Maria Ariza, CEO, AMEXCAP
Isabella Muñoz, Executive Director, COLCAPITAL
Gerardo M. Gonzales, General Director, PROCAPITALES
Cate Ambrose, President and CEO, LAVCA
Marta Cruz, President, ARCAP

9:00 am


Conference: LP Perspectives: Lessons Learned – A Successful Approach to Committing Capital in Latin America


-Importance of diversification and maintaining a long term horizon when investing in PI
-Seeking out competitive advantages. Manager selection matters, particularly in Emerging Markets
-A look at returns beyond FX fluctuations
-Can one time the market? A look at valuations
-Small vs large funds: Why LPs should consider new and emerging managers

Aaron McKay, Managing Director, Cambridge Associates

9:30 am


Panel: Private Equity Portfolio Construction: Global Investment Trends.

-How private equity fits within a broader portfolio of investments
-Current private equity allocation trends among different types of investors
-Factors to consider in determining your private equity strategy
--Investment criteria used to define which markets to invest in
- How can an LP with global practices would create a portfolio with existing PE players in emerging markets. What are the pros and cons of including emerging markets in LPs overall asset allocation strategy?
- Selection criteria for the region
-Key private equity portfolio building blocks
-How to establish an ongoing monitoring and oversight program
-LPA Terms & Conditions
-The Implications of Both Firm and Fund Size
-Measuring Success

Andrea Onate, Investment Officer PE Funds, IFC
Aris Hatch, Managing Director, Harbourvest
Patricia Alejo, CAIA, Administrador de Portafolio, Pontificia Universidad Javieriana
John Engel, Director, 57 Stars*
Moderator: Maria Luisa Aguirre, Gerente General, Blanco SAFI

10:10 am


Update on the Regulatory Framework for Pension Funds in Mexico
Hugo Garduño, Financial Vice President, CONSAR
10:20 am Coffee Break
10:30 am


Panel: Private Equity LATAM opportunities

--Which are the most attractive sectors you foresee in México and LATAM for the next 3 years?
- Exposure and opportunities that differentiate LATAM from the rest of Emerging Markets?
- How much exposure to the market do LPs want and which are the most attractive sectors & investment strategies?
-What is most important when making an investment in a LATAM PE fund?
-Have LATAM private equity funds performed better or worse compared to other asset classes?
-Which one do you think would be the most important driver of Mexican and LATAM PE returns in the next 3 years?
-Which are the main advantages for you to invest in LATAM rather than in other regions? Entry valuations, Macroeconomic Prospects, Maturity of PE Industry, Ability to Exit, Regulatory/Tax environment, etc.
-Is the level or state of corporate governance in LATAM PE funds a factor that deters or incentivizes your investment in them?

Sergio Mendez, CIO, Afore XXI
Susana García Robles, Principal Senior Advisor, VC Team Leader, FOMIN
Ana Maria Zarruk, Vice President, Pantheon Ventures
Johannes Goderbauer, Director de Inversiones de Capital y Mezzanine en México y Centro América, DEG
Juan Daniel Frias, Gerente de Inversiones, Old Mutual Colombia
Moderator: Fernando Godard, Partner, Baker & McKenzie

11:15 am


Round Table: Compensation, Carry & Co-investments

How should we think about carry: If carry is no longer treated as capital gain is this going to change the compensation bracket? What is the effect on those working in the back office? Exploring the trends: Can you be creative with carry?

Institutional investors are increasingly looking for private equity co-investment opportunities, drawn by lower fees, higher returns and a deeper relationship with the GP. However, co-investing also has costs and adds complexity to the investment process, such as the need to perform portfolio company due diligence and to monitor the investment on a more rigorous basis. How do LPs and GPs mitigate risks and create successful co-investment programs that work for both sides? Reduced costs in co-investments, better controls on the investment, better transparency and an opportunity to gain direct exposure to new industries.

Ricardo Fernández, Managing Director, Fund Investment Team South America Hamilton Lane
Daniel Mueller, Partner, Head of Latin America, Alpine Capital Advisors
Richard Rincon, Director of Emerging Markets Investments, UTIMCO
Raul Pomares, Founder & Managing Director, Sonen Capital
Carlos Rangel, Director of Investments and Risk Management, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Moderator: Isabel Rodriguez, Partner, King & Wood Mallesons

12:00 am Coffee Break
12:10 pm



Breakout Session A: Pension Funds Roundtable

Government reforms and the active participation of Pension Funds in Private Equity
-How is the LP/GP relationship developing and how are GPs communicating with their LPs? How should GPs build trust and clarify to satisfy LP requirements? What still needs to change?
- Primaries vs Directs. When and how.

Jose Arturo Andrade, CIO, Pensionissste
Juan Daniel Frías, Gerente de Inversiones, Old Mutual
Aniceto Huertas, Director Fundamental Risk, Afore Citi Banamex
Gastón Mejía, Financial Planning Director, CONSAR
Moderator: Cate Ambrose, President, LAVCA

12:10 pm



Breakout Session B: Insurance Companies Roundtable


Certain countries that have gone through the required modifications in order to incentivize insurance companies to participate in alternative assets.
Regulatory update for Insurance Companies to invest in alternative assets.

John Kettnich, Founding Member, StepStone Group
Mario Vela, CEO, GNP
Wilfrido Castillo, Director de Inversiones, Qualitas
Felipe Valencia, Partner and CIO, Veronorte
Oscar Vela, Titular de la Unidad de Seguros, Pensiones y Seguridad Social, SHCP
Guillermo Girard, Chief Investment Officer, Zurich
Hugo González, Director de Riesgos y experto en Solvencia II,
Moderator: Yves Hayaux Du Tilly L., Partner, Nader, Hayaux, Goebel

12:10 pm
Breakout Session C: Family Office Roundtable

Primaries vs. Directs. Experiences and best practices. How international family offices allocate capital into Mexico, or the investment criteria for family offices.

Juan Manuel Ordóñez, Managing Director, Tinello Capital
Eduardo Holschneider, Managing General Partner, Tresalia Capital
Dan Farrell, Chairman & CEO, Privos Capital
Joshua Vivar, CEO, Grupo BHYH
Luis Vielma
Moderator: Jaime García, Partner & Managing Director, SCT Capital

12:50 pm


Round up: LATAM LP gatherings
Felipe Vila, CEO, Fondo de Fondos
13:00 pm Break
13:10 pm


Workshop: Due Diligence process to select fund managers under a super abundant capital

Significant due diligence is often performed by investors when evaluating a private equity fund opportunity. The investigation includes not only the investment capability and thesis of the manager but also the equally important governance and operational structure review of the organization.
Pino del Sesto, Líder de la Práctica de Private Equity, Bain & Company México

LPS AND GPS invited.

13:40 pm


Time for One – on- Ones
13:45 pm


Reunión Fondos VC- Bancoldex